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I was a consultant to the kitchen in a DIY store was known whuich how I met Shirley. I was forty at the time Shirley was about ten years older. She came to the screen in the kitchen of a morning and afternoon we have in the chat, told me that they consider a new design, so I set out to go home and measure. I duly arrived, as planned, Shirley had a good figure and one of those women who have sex glowed, she could not look at her without thinking that maybe..... if you know what I mean. I have measured and discussed with you, we had one of voyeurday those voices that sound with smoke, the type of guest to think bad things about them that was like a burning house. Once he had decided more or less, what your needs, who invited me for coffee. We sat facing each other and showed a great pair of legs, and she smiled and let him apart when he noticed my glance. then said: ' It's great as a handsome man doing this, and since he is also a perfect gentleman! ' What surprised me a bit, so he answered :' Well, if you like a lady always brings me to the Lord. ' She laughed :' You are a very sexy looking, I bet I can say much more than that! '' Oh, I can ', he replied: ' What, how many you have and what beautiful legs, I can say that I think is a privilege, in the same space, as such, an attractive women beautiful. ' I could see what I have said all the right things, but not before having to push my luck at this point, I said, 'Now we have ordered your needs (bit of an ambiguity there!) Perhaps as enter our showroom and select the design you want? '' Tomorrow? ' 'I asked. ' If you do should be well after 1130, while I'm drawing a path. 'There is software, then I looked in my diary! She agreed and I left, I shook his hand and thanked me, I held in my hand a little more of NECCSary. I went on my way rejoicing, you might say ! A The next morning came and I showed him how I had put in the kitchen and has their approval, the design I wanted, then sat down and a list of all parties in the usual way, at a reasonable price and put to sign and asked if the order and pay for it on the spot, what he did and said what would be the approximate delivery date desired. I have also arranged for an installer to contact them to arrange a price. The next time I saw her after the kitchen had been installed, they were very voyeurday satisfied. I asked if he had married when she said yes, I brought my regret. She laughed and said he was not bound by it and I married ? I told him I had no other comment: 'I knew that,' you pouted, ' all are good. ' Now I 'm laughing at him, then ' Like you, I do not care. ' She said, ' You have a lot of attractive women who earn less than me. ' I shrugged, ' Maybe I can do, but something about olwomen, you're a very attractive woman. 'She said ' thank you ' in a very soft and sexy, the next thing we kiss was very passionate. He said : ' If your husband is not man enough for you? '' No, he's not, ' she said, ' unless it voyeurday is very far and I can never seem the type of person who can love me and keep it with passion, with love and without fallng caused problems. ' I said,' Well.... you know, I have no idea of ​​his first name? ' ' This is Shirley. '' Well, what I meant is I have a very high sex drive, always have, my wife is very sexual, but always need someone else, although I was in love, never leave her. But I can promise you, every woman having voyeurday an affair with which I have never had any problems what his dream and I would do everything possible to meet your needs. '' Oh, 'said Helen. voyeurday We parted and I was thinking no, that is, of course, raised a suggestion that we share, ' Oh, well'I thought, ' ce la vie! ' voyeurday But one day the following week I called and said they had problems with the built-in refrigerator was delivered, I could go take a look. Of course I went. When I arrived, she was dressed in a smart blue gown and she showed me what was going on, it was obviously defective piece of plastic hinge. I could not do anything at the time, so I said you were around and beyond the part and put it in what voyeurday we can. We kissed again and pushed hard against me, pressed her breasts against my chest and pubis against my genitals soft dough. She was breathing hard when we parted, 'Do not worry,' he said, 'We have a lot of time. ' And for the moment. What I had was a little confusing, had to admit. Three weeks later, I say voyeurday that I had the paper, and if he could come, I asked if I worked nights, sounded ' of course' I said. 'Then, when it comes to half five this afternoon should be frequentlyand until then..... ' I'll be there, Shirley, ' I said. And I was, I rang the doorbell and she answered, again in his robe, 'I am, ' he said, ' I just got back and I was changing. ' She asked if I wanted some coffee and did while installing the new part of the hinge of the refrigerator, because he was dead and I was uncomfortable at some point. Meanwhile, she had made coffee and was in a kind of normal dining chair, she leaned against the wall, Sat When I finished, she said. 'Look, John,' I saw him, he spread her legs and showing her shaved pussy. 'Christ,' he said, I washed my hands in the sink and then approached her. I felt when I kissed her pussy, she was already wet, and must have thought I wanted to do before coming even. S I said softly, 'How beautiful you pussy, Shirley has. ' In fact, the voyeurday latter, who had shown too fat hills, and who came to his lips and realized the long and well-rounded and seen the beginning of the part. ' Take yourCoffee and then come and take me ! 'She said in her soft voice and sexy. I took the stairs to her bedroom, ' mine ', he said, ' not my husband, who sleep separately.. 'He put on his robe and was naked beneath him, stared at me as I was undressing, her breasts were not large, but were nice and straight, small, pinkish- brown nipples as I said,' As in all the world has its character is so good? ' He stared at my cock swinging heavily as he walked toward her, shrugged :' voyeurday No children, I do not be silly, what you eat and drink, ' her husky voice was sexier than ever. I bed with her and we kissed passionately: 'I have not had sex voyeurday for a while, you can use more than once,' he nodded, 'Yes, no problem. '' Well, I damn hard as you can then relax and let us first you can take your time. If you know why it takes so long was because my husband was home and it seemed silly to take the risk, if it could come as soon as he was goneagain. ' He kissed me passionately, she responded the same way. I squeezed and kneaded her breasts surprisingly strong and played with her nipples while she took my penis in her hand. breathed, ' I love my nipples sucked. 'So I sucked, she squirmed as the excited, panting a little. After a while I kissed my way across her stomach to her pussy, but before I got to kiss the edge of the bed . I knelt on the floor between his legs, which I placed on my shoulders, I put my mouth on her pussy. his lips were always separated, I could see the edges of her labia minora and clitoris ledge. Very voyeurday few women in my experience, have a clitoris, buried in the sticks, usually. kiss your lips all the time, began to lick and a lip on the other, they liked, and sat down to do before you're pushed and my tongue love your channel, I fucked her with him, she cried loudly and squirmed a bit more. just did it a la-tter of seconds, then sucked her clit into my mouth along with the delicate meat around. She screamed and came suddenly, with a shudder and a loud 'Oh!' I sucked even more, and got a little more until you stop asking, ' Yo I can not stand, is to love people,' took his round on the bed then stepped back, pushed, I mean now very straight line in the channel of love. 'Oh, dear !' She opened her mouth again. I pushed until she waited a second or two, then I moved back, and suddenly her pussy crashed again and sat with her until I arrived. I lasted maybe 90 seconds before ejaculation. 'Oh, my God! ' She gasped, while streams of my sperm ' fill meYeah Yeah, honey,' which dropped in behind her, breathless. She hugged me and kissed my voyeurday head, singing and making noise until I recovered. ' was according to his wishes, Shirley, I asked. ' Oh, my God, yes! It was wonderful, I have never seen a man kill his turnk for me that way, it was very difficult.... and plenty of it too! 'We were in recovery, Shirley kisses lie to me. My wet cock was against my left thigh to reduce to nothing more than an acorn ! After a while, went Shirley, knelt beside me, then she leaned and sucked my limp penis in her mouth. was an exquisite torture, my cock was so sensitive. But little by little, like me, to suck and lick the glans started, she must have felt the tremor of its first to its intensified efforts and within three minutes I was hard again... and damn mouth. must have liked what I can for a minute or two. a then turned on his back and re- assemble and use my cock and started fucking gently, 'Oh, my love, it's so nice not voyeurday stop! ' I have no intention of stopping, I knew that when I get fucked, as long as wanted to could. She was naturally full of voyeurday sperm and it was easy, no problem at all, and I went on and on. She had come toce when I sucked her clit and I wondered if he would return, but did not. She seemed to fall into a kind of sexual voyeurday trance, I could feel the excitement rippling through it, as I took the total of seven inches around my penis, but obviously did not want to react. So I went into one to be honest there are one or two short breaks, but after half an hour, I began to wonder if he was aware of the I need some time later by suddenly coming to the voyeurday concerns of the life to do, 'Fuck me hard!' gasped 'as before, but voyeurday come and throw me over ! ' I did not natural, it was not long before I pulled out my cock she grabbed a pair of pumping times and ready to shoot my cum all over her body. Mind you voyeurday do not, I think he realized what was expected to happen for him in the head in the header, and then the hair, and then the face around the chest and belly. When I took off, I looked at her pussy lips were spread wIDE and inside was her love hole was relaxed and a virtual river of juice and sperm are mixed in short supply, and the crack of her column. He turned to his side in front of voyeurday me and kissed me voyeurday passionately, 'Are you to be able to go home and face his wife, then? '. voyeurday She asked, I gave a tired smile, 'Give me a vodka tonic and a half hour or so and go down again,' she said with spirit: ' He said, ' I believe. it is not. ' I smiled back,' Wait and see, you can not help thinking that this is the first time I've done something like that, huh ? ''Wow!' She cried,' I will go and that vodka tonic ! ' Half an hour later I went to the shower when I discovered that I stood voyeurday before her and said ' Suck my cock arrived! ' It was soft at this point, two minutes later it was hard, ' I still think I can not pick up my wife when I get home? 'I asked. took Shirley, one of the best fuck of my life, and after a few years. We took all at home, even in the garden in the dark on it, or my ' car. We left voyeurday the camp, my days off and found somewhere to hell, even on a deserted beach in winter. We tested all the places he loved voyeurday ' dog ', especially when they voyeurday realized that they hold a mirror to voyeurday me and really fucked her pussy! And she loved her spunk and the way they suck the juices mixed it and put it in her mouth to voyeurday swallow. To tell you the truth I was intoxicated with her and all the time, although other invitations was my lover, my wife only. I must say that if it all had to end sometime, when I left that job, I've never loved another, after all, who could compete with Shirley.
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